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Murray Mag Issue 1

Please allow me to introduce to you, Super Murray, the star of "Murray Mag."  Super Murray is super excited to offer this lighthearted, fun, and informational break from all of the regular stressors in life. "Murray Mag" is a 12 issue educational comic book magazine which looks to encourage and support overall health and wellness for all children.  The information is written by professionals from all walks of life like registered nurses, college professors, teachers, engineering, business and writing professionals all of whom have helped build the framework to create happy and healthy children both inside and out.  Each colorful issue contains a certain theme which is supported by games and activities, new sports to try, an urban farming journey from planning garden plots to planting seeds to harvesting the earths riches and sharing those spoils with each other and food banks, fine arts and poetry, life manners and etiquette, and guided life plans for nutritional, physical, emotional, and mental good health.  Each issue has a new chapter from the children's book "My Friend Murray" and in the center of each issue there is a comic strip, Super Murray vs. The World, which addresses common childhood situations and how to handle them.