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One year Murray Mag Book Club experience

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The Etiquette Guru, LLC is excited to announce that we are currently accepting 20 students per each session for The MURRAY MAG Book Club!


      I would like to introduce to you The MURRAY MAG Book Club and offer you the unique opportunity to participate in a brand new, fully immersed experience.  This is a wonderful chance for you to connect with your child/children as you expose them to the wholesome benefits of improved etiquette and healthy living while focusing on morality and consciousness of one’s actions.  This is strictly for children’s (and really everybody’s) entertainment, education, enjoyment and personal growth.  These heirloom quality books will benefit future generations as it is a complete social and health survival guide series.  As the mother of two incredible young daughters I can say with absolute accuracy that every child needs this information.  MURRAY MAG is for all ages not just 8-11 year olds!  It’s heartwarming & fun, while at the same time fast paced and informative.  MURRAY MAG is like a variety show with something for all!

Give your children the chance to learn about things they may not otherwise learn about and the tools to thrive in life.  This is edgy and fun and sure to leave your child excited for the next issue.  This is supplemental education at its finest to ensure that kids receive all the resources needed to help them grow towards a successful life.    

     MURRAY MAG addresses the skills that are getting lost in our society.  Each issue addresses and focuses on a different and important theme….  Big topics covered by a variety of different professionals include Good Manners, Civility, Patriotism, Cultural Diversity, The ‘Arts’, Friendships (how to be a good friend to yourself and others), Mental, Physical, Emotional Health, appreciating Nature (we constantly encourage kids to get outside to discover the many wondrous things in nature) …and there are so many other pieces and parts that lead to fun and kid’s overall health and wellness!   Not only do children need this – society needs this!!   Young people are our hope and future so we need to invest in them.  Kids are smart and kids are savvy so MURRAY MAG is a wonderfully inventive way to have all of their needs addressed.  Plus parents and grandparents get to share in the fun too!

Of special importance:  Parents and Grandparents that involve themselves with this will have the opportunity to fully understand nutrition and help combat the childhood obesity epidemic.  Everybody learns about a healthy diet through a re-worked food pyramid (certified by a registered dietician).  This food pyramid could quite possibly fix what is broken in our food based society and also be instrumental in curing many of the ills that are posing a threat to our current lifespan.  Please re-read that last sentence!  There are also important tips for getting kids away from screens and having fun moving their bodies both indoors and outdoors.

     Each issue contains professional Exercise and Nutrition advice from healthcare professionals.   We share Games, Puzzles, and new Sports that can be played indoors & outdoors, Crafts, Riddles & Jokes.   We have many Poems by a poet and English professor.  Good Manners and Etiquette Tips of the trade are shared by The Etiquette Granny.  We take a guided Farming journey with Farmer Anne from planning and starting our seeds, then cultivating our urban gardens, all the way to delivering our produce to food banks and our own tables.  There is always a Kid-friendly recipe to try too.  We begin each issue with a delightful new chapter from the children’s book “My Friend Murray”.  Then midway through we are treated to the comic SUPER MURRAY vs. The World.   SUPER MURRAY and friends face typical kid calamities and share how best to address them.

     Every issue has answers to many interesting Nurse-type questions. We take time to focus and learn about 12 different vocations that might be worth considering. There are Vacation Locations to guess about in the United States (and fun prizes to win) and cute Pet’s Portraits with over 100 pets to enjoy.  Each time we share a Positivity Page to keep our minds and attitudes healthy along with the beauty of the Acts of Random Kindness pages and the Kid Interactive section.  Every issue is unbelievably colorful and beautifully illustrated.  There is a plethora of great information here.  Come and see what all the excitement is about!

I know 100% that you’re missing out if you don’t grab yourself a set of Murray Mags

for all the special kids in your life.  They are so fun and informative, you’ll

       be hooked.   But there is a catch…you have to start reading with Issue 1

and continue on from there.  Many stories build on themselves.

 Trust me…you’ll be having so much fun you won’t realize

     you’re learning.   You’ll just be left wanting to know  

what happens next in each of the different



The $400.00 subscription(which breaks down to $33.00/month for the absolute best supplemental education money can buy) includes all 12 issues delivered right to your door!

Also included: (12 total) once monthly one hour virtual meetings where you choose the day most convenient for your child.  You will receive a welcome email in which you will choose which day will best suit your needs.  Every month you will be emailed an invitation for the meeting and if your preassigned day does not work for you that month we will offer alternatives.  On the third Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of each month from 7-8pm members will listen to main points in detail from each issue and participate in fun discussion.  We will cover one issue per month in our one hour session.  Perhaps this would fulfill summer reading requirements for the students too.  Plus parents, you are welcome to join the virtual experience as well!  The MURRAY MAG Book Club is a private discussion group each session.  Kids have a blast with the virtually live interaction and sometimes, Super Murray himself makes a surprise appearance to see how things are going.  You can also opt to just order the 12 month subscription without the virtual support experience.


This is a very unique learning opportunity!!   All are welcome!  Spots are limited.

Join ‘The Club’ today!

The adventure begins in January so don’t delay.  This would be an ideal gift for the holidays… perfect and thoughtful too!  Thank you for taking the time to consider this.



                                                                       SUPER MURRAY


P.S.  Get to know me if you don’t already!


P.S.S. Parents and Grandparents - I hope you will read this too because there are little quips and funnies relating to growing up in the 70’s & 80’s that are just for you to enjoy and the MURRAY MAG inside jokes will make you giggle as you travel through the series.  Like I said - it’s fun for all ages! or

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