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Etiquette - Family Style Course with Dining Etiquette Book and DVD included



Etiquette – Family Style

Give your family a gift which will last a lifetime. 

Private in-home course includes 2 hours of instruction.  Class is appropriate for family members aged 6 years and older.  Up to 6 participants.   What’s covered?  Respect and all its’ components - At home and out in public, eye contact, proper handshakes & introductions.  The more respect we give to one another the more we will receive!  This is an important aspect to a peaceful home and community.   Poise and Posture are demonstrated and focused on.  People are always watching us in public so it is important to know the right things to do.  Everyday Manners and Polite Communication Skills both verbal/non-verbal are addressed.  And of course we review our Dining Skills: American, Continental and Mandarin Style. Each family will receive one copy of the Dining Etiquette Course Book and DVD as a lifetime resource. Make an investment in yourself and your children’s futures while you come and enjoy something fun and different with your whole family!                     

Great Manners are the key to future success!