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Private Adult Etiquette Course with Essential Etiquette Adult Book and Dining Etiquette DVD included

Adult Etiquette: This course is for adults 18 years and older.  $200.00 includes the 2 hour course plus one Essential Etiquette... book & Dining Etiquette DVD.  The book will be sent to you for your reading completion prior to class.  The DVD will be given to you at your class.  
Topics covered include personal poise which focuses on presentation of self and also private dining etiquette.   We incorporate information on business protocol and proper etiquette in the workplace, corporate culture propriety, proper colleague introductions in the office, at a meeting or during a business meal.  We will review tips for sounding polished and professional & proper business phone and email etiquette.   The all important dining etiquette business meal and/or business party are also covered in length.